Eric Monson

Eric Monson - Director

Eric is a director at Sagency specializing in Board Development, Engagement, and Strategy. With over 30 years of board and executive leadership experience, he uses this experience to guide boards and executive teams to greater clarity, cohesion, and effectiveness.

Having been an executive leader in the healthcare industry for much of his career, he has led teams with Lutheran Health Systems, Banner Health System, and Novus, LLC. He most recently oversaw the growth of Anne Carlsen Center and its Foundation as CEO.

Eric helps strengthen boards through governance protocol and coaching. Additionally, Eric offers the option of serving as an interim Executive Director in the event an organization requires leadership and stability during a transition period.

Passion for positive impact on families, patients/customers, the community, or internal teams, has always been a driver for Eric. He continues to be an active member in a number of community groups and professional organizations. He is also available for presentations on strategy, leveraging technology, and organizational growth.