Jeremy Jorgenson

Jeremy Jorgenson - Executive Search | Recruiter

Jeremy Jorgenson is an Executive Search Consultant based in Fargo, North Dakota. He helps organizations recruit and select the right leaders to drive strategy and culture while helping individuals find career opportunities that allow them to contribute in an impactful way.

Growing up on his family ranch in Montana and having a passion for athletics, Jeremy developed a “never-give-up” work ethic. His formative years taught him the importance of balancing individual contribution with the essential dynamic of team collaboration to grow, learn, and succeed.

His professional career included serving as Sports Director for various television stations across four states, creating sports coverage, and building trusted relationships along the way. Most recently, Jeremy spent 13 years at North Dakota State University Athletics (NDSU Bison). There, he grew media coverage and corporate sponsorships. During this time, Jeremy honed his love for connecting with leaders and organizations in the North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota area, becoming a trusted partner and valued advisor.

“What drew me to Sagency is the opportunity to guide other professionals on their career path and leadership journey. I’ve made a career out of connecting with people in the Midwest and beyond.  Executive Search is a natural extension of a passion that was always a part of every previous role. I welcome conversations with anyone looking for a key leader for their team, those looking for a career change, and those just wanting to find out how Sagency can help.”