Jill Steinhaus

Jill Steinhaus - Director

Jill is an executive coach at Sagency. She specializes in executive leadership coaching, succession planning, change management, and strategy development.

Prior to joining Sagency, Jill worked for Microsoft Corporation. For more than a decade, she led small and mid-size partner operations with $20B in annual revenue. At Microsoft, Jill was accountable for driving strategic alignment, executive communication, and designed a high impact leader training. She was recognized for her global leadership by Microsoft Worldwide Operations, and also received the Microsoft Fargo Leadership Excellence Award.

Before Microsoft, Jill held various leadership roles within the non-profit healthcare sector. Some of her most rewarding experiences come from bridging mission with strategy, and passion with results.

One of Jill’s passions is supporting the growth and development of talented leaders as they plan for and navigate change. Having managed change on a local and international scale, in a variety of industries, she serves as an expert guide.

“My goals, values, and strengths align with the purpose and vision of Sagency, so I’m right at home. This team is dedicated to healthy growth for individuals, teams, and companies. I’m excited to put my experience to work for our clients.” – Jill Steinhaus

As a mom to a busy toddler, Jill recognizes the challenges of work-life integration. Achieving success and balance in both areas is part of her approach in coaching the total person. She is an advocate for recognizing individual value and bringing our best selves to our work and family life.