Tom Iverson

Tom Iverson - Partner

Tom Iverson is a Partner at Sagency, a strategic talent solutions firm in Fargo. With over 35 years experience working with people, Tom’s passion is seeing individuals and organizations do better, reach higher, and go further than they think possible. Tom’s expertise includes strategic planning, executive and performance coaching, succession planning, employee engagement, and organizational/team development.

He is a lifelong learner with an undergraduate degree in accounting and economics; he holds a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Tom spent the first 27 years of his career at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and the last nine years in the farm and construction business. Tom has also worked with local businesses for the past 35 years on strategic and financial matters.

Through Tom’s executive and performance coaching, his clients grow and develop as individuals to perform at a higher level in their jobs and to be able to contribute more to the community. He is a certified Hudson Institute Coach as well as a member of John Maxwell’s team of coaches, trainers, and speakers.

Tom believes strategic focus and alignment are critical to an organization’s success and viability. He guides organizations through a robust process to ensure clarity, unity, and execution of a smart strategy to drive organization value and impact. Tom also helps organizations grow through systems that can be replicated, improved, taught, tracked, and measured in order to provide a productive and more profitable path forward. At Sagency, we help organizations use systems designed for the science of the “whole person” in mind. These systems equip leaders to hire, mentor, develop, retain, and promote talent who will move the organization to the next level.

One of Tom’s goals in life is to help people and organizations to develop, prosper, and engage in work that really matters.