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Advance Your Career – Executive Placement

We understand. Once you are ready for a career change, you would like it to move along smoothly. A career change can be exciting but also very stressful. Unfortunately, many recruitment processes have a way of making you feel less like a candidate and more like a piece of inventory, sitting in a warehouse, waiting for someone to add you to their cart.

It’s frustrating, especially when you know that you’re a top 10-percent-candidate; someone who has the talent and mindset to add incredible value. You’re not just looking for any job. You have a plan for your career and only qualified opportunities need apply.

"The best part about my job is learning what you as a candidate love doing, what you’ve discovered along the way, and how you have applied learning opportunities to improve. Then, I use that information to match you up to your next great career move; the right team, the right tasks, at the right times."

Tami Kilzer, Executive Recruiter and Career Coach

Tami Kilzer (Executive Recruitment & Career Coach)

You’re not inventory–you’re a client

Sagency prides itself on identifying exceptional fit between candidates and our clients. We want to introduce you to clients that will help you fulfill the next step in your career while ensuring to our client that you are what’s been missing on their team. For it to work, it has to be the right fit for everyone.

Sagency means it when we say that we’re here to be partners in growing your career.

If we’re going to help you hit your targets, we have to know what they are. That’s why we only work with candidates who are willing to invest in the process by telling us what makes them tick. We want to know about your past milestones, your career goals, and how you work best.

Who we work with

We typically work with candidates who are in the top 10 percent of their skill set, in the areas of executive leadership or management. But we will also work on the placement of a variety of positions within organizations that are truly dedicated to growth and investing in their most valuable resources—their people.

Because of our robust and thorough candidate-intake process and assessment, our placements transcend industry. Rather than strictly looking for technical skills, we also look for cultural fit, career expectation, industry acumen, and potential to learn, grow, and adapt.

Our Promise

We’re serious about helping our candidates grow their careers. When you engage a top recruiter at Sagency to find your next role, we promise to bring only the most qualified positions to your attention. Sometimes this can feel like a longer process because we want to ensure the right fit for clients and candidates. And we can’t promise that we’ll find the perfect job for you. But most people find that even just meeting and talking through your career goals and next steps with a Sagency recruiter, it is a valuable exercise in beginning the process of interviewing, networking, and determining your next move.

The first meeting and what we’ll discuss:

  • You career path, choices, and moves you’ve made along the way
  • Examples of experience and skills you’ve developed
  • Your ideal work environment and team
  • Your management/leadership styles and/or what you bring to a team
  • Successes and learning opportunities
  • Career wish list: your goals and ideal next step in your career

Is your career ready for its next milestone?