Candidate Assessments

Candidate Assessments

Hire the Best Candidates – Career Aptitude and Job Personality Tests

If you’ve ever been in charge of hiring new members for your team, you know how tricky it can be to find them. But contrary to what you might think, finding those amazing candidates isn’t as much a scarcity problem as it is a process problem.

"We can’t read people’s minds, but we can tell you what motivates them, whether or not they’ll thrive in your organization's culture, and how they’ll respond to the demands of a job."

Tami Kilzer, Executive Recruiter and Career Coach

Tami Kilzer (Executive Recruitment & Career Coach)

The traditional way of evaluating talent is broken.

Most managers know exactly how to determine technical aptitude, but soft skill evaluation is usually far less precise.

Despite their critical importance, soft skills and qualitative competencies are difficult to measure…and therefore often overlooked or undervalued.

But assuming technical aptitude is equal, those soft skills are the “secret sauce” that determines everything from how successful a candidate will be in their position to how long they’re likely to stay with your organization.

Although fit plays an essential role in a candidate’s long-term success, even the best HR Departments often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of active job seekers in the market, and end up focusing on the “efficiency” of quantitative measures to wade through the piles of resumes before them.

Sagency helps you uncover top talent in half the time.

What if you could fill positions in your company with “Holy Grail” talent in less time than it normally takes to “settle?”

Sagency helps you hire even more effectively (and efficiently) by providing a hiring map that allows you to identify your shortlist of candidates in record time.

In fact, our assessments allow organizations to make accurate hires over 90 percent of the time.

Ready to go from 50/50 to over 90% accuracy in your hiring process?

Why measure fit?

Our robust career aptitude and job personality tests help leaders select the right people and build workplace cultures that drive productivity and job satisfaction.

We can’t read people’s minds, but we can tell you what motivates them, whether or not they’ll thrive in your organizations culture, and how they’ll respond to the demands of a the job.

By quantifying all aspects of fit, Sagency’s clients hire talent that not only excels in the short term, but fits into their long term vision as well.

And they fill their positions faster than jobs filled with traditional recruitment practices.

Candidates selected using our process:

  • Consistently rank among their organization’s top performers.
  • Seek internal growth opportunities, reinvesting their knowledge back into their organization.
  • Stay with their organization longer, contributing to long-term growth.

Simply put: employees who are hired for fit reduce position turnover, and result in a greater ROI from the hiring process than “chance” employees.

With so much to gain, hiring for fit is no longer optional. And with Sagency’s candidate assessments at your disposal, measuring it shouldn’t be either.

Want to see how it works?