Strategic Planning

Sagency Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

"Lack of clarity and/or alignment can be subtle yet frustrating. People start to feel like they are on a hamster wheel – constant activity but no progress. I love helping leadership teams get on the exact same page about who they are, where they are going, and how they will get there. It’s amazing to see what organizations can accomplish by working from the same playbook."

Mike Meagher, President

Mike Meagher (President)

Growth is hard...

If you’ve ever thought that everything would just “click” for your organization after you hit a certain goal or completed a big project, you’ve probably experienced the disappointment that can accompany a great “win” that wasn’t set up for sustainability. The elation of achieving a major milestone suddenly gives way to confusion and discouragement when the same struggles return to challenge your organization.

Even if you feel like you’re doing everything right, it can be hard to get off the hamster wheel and start really winning.

Planning for growth is planning to win.

Sagency helps organizations uncover the gaps that are holding them back and preventing teams from performing at their maximum potential.

Regardless of what you want to achieve, it’s imperative that you have a smart strategic plan and a laser-focused approach to achieving big goals.

Sagency will help you articulate your organization’s vision, “why,” strategic priorities, and action plans to help you win in a big way.

How We Do It:

Sagency’s strategic planning process is a proven solution for boards and management teams ready to bring the organization to new levels of performance.

Strategic planning with Sagency gets organizations on a winning track with:

  • A Healthy Growth Scan which provides a comprehensive assessment of the current context of the organization.
  • A smart strategy based on a compelling vision for the future and a clear understanding of current reality.
  • An execution plan to ensure increased clarity through all layers of your organization.
  • A playbook to use as a catalyst for leadership, accountability, alignment, and improved cultural practices.

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