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Strategy Execution – 4 Disciplines of Execution

If you’re like most leaders, strategy and vision seem to come naturally. Most leaders have no shortage of good–even great–ideas.

But why is it so difficult to execute on them?

"I’ve seen many smart and tenacious leaders become frustrated with strategy. Not because they didn’t have good strategy, but because their strategy wasn’t fully understood or executed. Strategy execution is the result of people knowing what to do, and then doing what they know. With our clients, some of the best results come from this change in human behavior. It brings me great joy to guide individuals and teams to do what it takes to grow and achieve really big goals."

Mike Meagher, President

Mike Meagher (President)

70 percent of failures are problems with execution–not the strategies themselves.

The full story is that execution itself isn’t the main challenge. The main challenge is moving forward on a goal while the urgency of the day-to-day competes for your attention every step of the way.

In many ways, execution is an exercise in balancing the urgent and the important. These two forces will always compete for your bandwidth and attention.

The bad news is that the whirlwind isn’t going to slow down to make room for your strategic priorities.

In fact, as your organization grows, it’s likely to pick up speed.

But there’s plenty of good news. With the right behaviors, habits, and frameworks, your team can navigate their key strategic priorities through to completion.

The important does not have to succumb to the urgent if you have the right tools.

So how do winning organizations do it?

4DX – the secret sauce of top-performing organizations.

Developed by FranklinCovey, the 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) is a “simple” framework to help organizations execute on their most important goals in the midst of “busy.”

The Four Disciplines...
  • Help organizations hone in on and prioritize their most mission-critical goals, by focusing on the wildly important.
  • Predict success by acting on the lead measures that directly impact and correlate to the end goal.
  • Boost morale and productivity by keeping a compelling scorecard that gives transparency to a team’s progress and impact on those measures.
  • And ensure success by creating a cadence of accountability.

4DX smooths out the peaks and valleys of success making it possible for each level of achievement to build on the one before it.

They not only make it possible to raise organizational performance, the four disciplines transform your organization into a goal crushing machine.

Implementing 4DX for your organization.

4DX is a powerful framework, and its principles are the “secret sauce” behind top performing organizations.

But while they are simple, straight-forward, and even “easy” on the surface, it is important to understand the level of behavioral change needed within the organization, as well as the difficulty of making those changes.

That’s where Sagency can help.

While the disciplines are simple, the behavioral changes take work to implement.

Sagency is certified by FranklinCovey to help organizations put 4DX in place and navigate the habits, behaviors, and attitudes necessary to see it succeed.

We do this through an implementation process designed to get buy-in, coach through the tough spots, and ensure that the habits “stick” — even when the whirlwind tries to blow them away.

Interested in discussing 4DX for your organization?