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Hiring and developing the right people is arguably the most important task that an organization can tackle. In fact, whether recruiting to replace a key leader or completing an executive search for a newly created position, hiring the right talent to execute on your organization’s strategy is as important as the strategy itself.

But finding the right people is challenging, and hiring the wrong people can stunt, or even impede your organization’s growth. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a proactive talent strategy that identifies the type of candidate who will win in your organization and the skills that are necessary to help them succeed.

"A hiring team can only learn so much about a candidate based on a couple of interviews. The “right” answers, don’t always mean the right fit. We work through a robust interview process, and apply our science-based assessments to help you hire with better understanding and ‘hit the ground running’ with your new team member."

Tami Kilzer, Executive Recruiter and Career Coach

Tami Kilzer (Executive Recruiter & Career Coach)
Email: tami@sagencytalent.com

A distinct approach to recruiting and executive search.

We don’t begin your search until we truly “get” what you need from a new leader to help make your organization more impactful, productive, and profitable. Even if you have hired for this position in the past, we will take the time to validate that what you are asking of the role is still accurate and help your board or leadership team lend clarity to the role. Being accurate and specific will help us attract the right type of candidate for your team. That’s what makes Sagency different from typical executive search firms: we take a strategic and holistic approach to recruiting and executive search that ensures your organization hires the right talent to help you thrive. And it all starts with getting to know your organization. Our 360-degree process utilizes:

  • A personalized search process that delivers real results by identifying what makes your organization click and what you need to be more impactful, productive, and profitable
  • A pre-search benchmarking process that identifies all aspects of technical and cultural fit for each role, allowing us to objectively measure a candidates potential for success.
  • Science-based talent assessmentsmeasured against your organizations job benchmarks.

How we work:

Through a combination of candidate research, outreach, and targeted candidate marketing, we will identify and assess the top 10 percent of qualified candidates who may be a good fit for your team. By the time candidate information is presented to you for review, our team will have engaged in written communication, multiple conversations, and administered our science-based assessment. This provides a much clearer picture of the candidate than what can typically be accomplished in only one interview or conversation.

The Sagency team is relentless about fit and matching candidates and clients who both value a similar growth plan, culture, and mutual investment in each other. We are not transactional, which means we use a robust process because your success hinges on finding the right person who will fit and grow within the team you currently have. You can expect a very intentional approach to client preparation and candidate assessment to assure that your chosen candidate will thrive in your organization and that your organization will grow by welcoming a candidate we have matched with the role.

Who We Work With:

Sagency works with organizations who are serious about identifying their success triggers and filling their gaps to create healthy growth. Our clients value the perspective that comes from our work with boards and executive teams in the areas of strategy, culture, and succession. This experience helps us assess how candidates will likely perform within your business model and culture. Our ideal clients value our consultative executive search approach and see us as trusted advisors. Therefore, we don’t work with companies who just want us to throw some resumes their way. Finding the right talent for you goes beyond bullet points on a resume and extends to how a person will grow and help strengthen your team. As such, our approach has proven to transcend industry specialties, and we have been successful in finding the right match for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Some of our executive recruiting and placement practice focuses on:

  1. Facilitating a robust search and selection process to help boards hire the right president, chief executive officer, or executive director.
  2. Helping executive teams find their next key leader including: chief financial officer, chief operating officer, chief development officer, chief of staff, chief human resource officer, integrators, as well as vice presidents and directors of functional areas.

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