Kurt Sandman

Win as a Team

“When we started working with Sagency five years ago, our company was growing. As exciting as growth is and should be, my partner, Mitch, and I were uncomfortable because we knew we could continue to grow due to the high quality of our services, but were unsure how to grow in a healthy, responsible way. With Sagency’s help, we built and maintained a strong culture which has fueled our growth. Our clients are happy, our people are engaged, and our profits have grown by an average of over 30% each year.

Sagency has helped us prepare for and predict each stage of growth. I now have clarity and confidence to know I’m doing the right things each day to add the most value as a leader. Change and growth now feel more productive and less risky. We have developed a more strategic approach to our growth which allows us to better respond to a changing environment. Sagency was an important decision we made for our leadership team, our employees, and ultimately the health of our company. I am grateful for the way Sagency has helped Sandman Structural Engineers become a healthy organization, that embraces change, and adapts for success.”

Kurt Sandman

PE - Principal, Sandman Structural Engineers